Phillips County Hospital

The Phillips County Hospital and Family Health Clinic is dedicated to providing quality essential medical services. Our campus includes departments which enable professional, competent personnel to provide the continuum of care for patients in need of medical assistance.

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Family Health Clinic

Our rural Family Health Clinic provides primary care services to the residents of Malta, Phillips County and the surrounding areas. Our medical providers are committed to providing patients with the best quality medical care.

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Home and Community Based Services

We offer a broad range of in-home and community-based care services designed to provide access for individuals on their own terms.

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Phillips County Hospital and Family Health Clinic will not discriminate against any patient based on race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability in its health programs and activities.




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Community Health Information

  1. Virus vs. Bacteria?


 2.Motor Vehicle and Seat Belt Safety

  • Montana’s seat belt usage is lower than the national average
  • Seat belts are a highly effective way to save lives
  • We need to increase seat belt use in Montana
  • Each year the majority of MVC occupants killed or seriously injured in crashes are unrestrained
  • WE NEED YOUR HELP – help reinforce the norms that seat belts are important and SAVE LIVES

 3.TAKE Action – At work as


  • Wear all personal protective equipment
  • Participate in worksite safety training and follow safety rules and laws
  • Ensure vision is not obstructed when operating heavy machinery

Use your rights to advocate for safety and health


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